Alumni Association

The college has an Alumni Association by the name College of Teacher Education Alumni (C.T.E.A). The Alumni assists the college in various ways such as conducting refresher course, orientation course, workshop, Seminar and Symposium and also extending constructive suggestions and cooperation.

The nature of Alumni may be described as non – political, voluntary organization of the ex – students of C.T.E. and the faculty. It has the following aims and objectives.

  1. It will serve as an Academic Forum for promoting true  professionalism in the teaching profession.
  2. It will strive to ensure qualitative growth of Education in Mizoram.

The set objectives sought to be achieved by the Alumni are as follows :-

  1. To provide a common platform for enhancing Teacher skills, efficiency and competency through various teacher education programmes and activities.
  2. To facilitate the progression of aspiring teachers by providing necessary assistance for good student experiences.
  3. To mobilize and channelize the skills, talents, knowledgeand experiences of trained teachers of Mizoram for noble purposes, so as to raise Education to a new ‘HIGH’ of excellence and achievement.
  4. To render worthwhile service to the community and to the society at large through all possible and practical ways and means viable.

All the former students of the College of Teacher Education and the faculty are eligible to be members of the C.T.E.A. on payment of Rs. 20 /- as annual membership fee.

The formation of posts for CTE Alumni are as follows :-

  1. President
  2. Vice – President
  3. Secretary
  4. Joint Secretaries
  5. Treasurer