Master of Education

Master of Education RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR MASTER OF EDUCATION, (M.Ed.) PROGRAMME OF MIZORAM UNIVERSITY: All the rules and regulations, hereinafter, specified shall be read as a whole for the purpose of interpretation. ELIGIBILITY AND ADMISSION PROCEDURE A candidate for admission to M.Ed. Course is required to have obtained at least 55% marks in the […]

Bachelor of Education : Multimode

The B.Ed. Multimode Programme has been developed on the recommendation of the Educational Reforms Commission Mizoram 2010 to clear the backlog of teachers without professional qualification or ‘untrained in-service teachers as we more commonly refer to the term. This recommendation was made while the Institution was still a CTE. The Programme is managed by a […]

Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Education Criteria for completing the Course : A candidate should get a minimum of 35% marks in each paper both in the written examination and in the seasonal part separately with a minimum of 40% marks in the aggregate in the combined marks of the written examination and the seasonal works. A candidate should […]