Bachelor of Education : Multimode

2 Years/4 Semesters


Sian-Lalchhandami Thmbs
Mrs. Sian Lalchhandami
Assistant Professor
Hmingthansiami Thmbs
Dr. Hmingthansiami
Associate Professor
Lalhmingliana Thmbs
Dr. Lalhmingliana
Associate Professor
Zairemmawia-Renthlei1 Thmbs
Mr. Zairemmawia Renthlei
Assistant Professor
Laldinliani-Hrahsel Thmbs
Dr. Laldinliani Hrahsel
Associate Professor
Vanlaltanpuii Thmbs
Dr. Vanlaltanpuii
Associate Professor
Lalhlimpuii-Ralte2 Thmbs
Mrs. Lalhlimpuii Ralte
Assistant Professor
Lalrinfeli-Khiangte Thmbs
Mrs. Lalrinfeli Khiangte
Assistant Professor
Vanlalfana Thmbs
Mr. Vanlalfana
Assistant Professor
Zothanzuali1 Thmbs
Dr. Zothanzuali
Associate Professor
Zochhuani-Hauhnar1 Thmbs
Mrs. Zochhuani
Assistant Professor
Mawipuii PP Resized
Mrs. Lalmawipuii Chawngthu
Assistant Professor
Esi PP
Ms. Esther Lalrinngheti
Assistant Professor
Mr. Benjamin Lalmuanawma Fanai
Assistant Professor
Ruatfela PP Resized
Mr. Vanlalruatfela Hlondo
Assistant Professor
Tluangtea PP
Mr. H.T Malsawmtluanga
Assistant Professor
Principal Member
Prof. Vanlalhruaii
Donna-Lalnunfeli Thmbs
Dr. Donna Lalnunfeli
Assistant Professor
Mrs. Lalremliani
Circle Physical Education Officer
Biju Nath Singh
Biju Nath Singh
Assistant Professor
K. Sangkhumi
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Jag-Narayan-Singh Thmbs
Mr. J.N Singh
Associate Professor

The B.Ed. Multimode Programme has been developed on the recommendation of the Educational Reforms Commission Mizoram 2010 to clear the backlog of teachers without professional qualification or ‘untrained in-service teachers as we more commonly refer to the term. This recommendation was made while the Institution was still a CTE.
The Programme is managed by a core team of 6 faculties and two office workers.
The first batch of students for the 2015 – 17

Name of the Programme B.Ed. Multimode Programme under Innovative Programme
Purpose of the Programme To clear the backlog of untrained in-service Teachers of Govt. High Schools and Higher secondary schools in Mizoram
Objectives For in-service teachers of high/higher secondary schools in Mizoram to acquire the B.Ed. degree which is the requisite professional qualification for the posts
Duration of the Course 2 years/4 semesters
Mode of Study Face-to-face cum school-based
Procedures for transaction Contact classes, assignments, home study, project work, of the curriculum: psychology & science practicals, practice teaching
Intake capacity 100 per study centre. There are 2 study centres- IASE Study Centre and CTE Study Centre University Affiliation & The Syllabus is the same as the Regular B.Ed. course
Syllabus prepared by the MZU


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