Infrastructure & Leaning Resources
The Institution has adequate physical infrastructure as per NCTE norms to run the educational programmes efficiently. According to the NCTE norms the total land area required is 3000 sq.m. with a built up area of 2000 sq.m. for Institutions offering B.Ed. & M.Ed. Programmes.
The Institution being the only secondary Teacher Training Institution in Mizoram and with the status of being a Government College is given priority by the Higher and Technical Education Department as well as the administrative authority of the state
The infrastructure facilities available for co- curricular activities and extra- curricular activities consist of the following:
  1. Football field
  2. Volley ball court cum Basketball court
  3. Recreation room with Table Tennis board and accessories and other indoor sports items.
  4. Laboratories for conducting different practical works and tests
  5. Reading room for students
  6. Two international standard size Badminton Court
  7. Teaching aids room (workshop)
  8. Day care centre with educational toys and necessary equipments.
  9. One large college canteen
  10. College Auditorium with good sound system and big screen television.
  11. College Conference Room
  12. Men’s Common Room
  13. Women’s Common Room
  • The college has been maintaining a hostel for boys since the initial stage of its inception.
  • The Institution ensures optimum utilization of its infrastructure facilities by implementing all items of work in the B.Ed and M.Ed course of studies since 2012
  • Orientation and Refresher Courses are organized for in service teachers. IGNOU study- centre for B.Ed and M.Ed is also utilizing the college facilities. Moreover, institutional facilities are used to conduct extension functions to neighbouring schools. It is also used by the State Government for conducting exams, seminars and meetings.

In 2013, NUEPA selected IASE, Aizawl as one of its state partners among 10 states for research projects on ‘National Study on Working Conditions of Teachers’ Out of 10 states selected for this study, Mizoram is the only state selected from North East Region.

  • The College has a Website and also had internet facility. Computers,Labtops, photocopier and audio recorder and cassettes are available for use by the staff and students. These facilities are accessible to the students on all working days of the week from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Presently there are 12 desktop computers in the UGC Resource Centre and 5 desktop computers in Language Laboratory. All these computers are provided with internet connectivity. Each classroom is equipped with smart class facilities, projectors were mounted in each class in which teachers and students utilize it effectively. Attempts and efforts to equip the student teachers with a working knowledge of ICT resources and ability for self-learning as well as exposure to ICT supported learning environments have been taken up with much intensity.
  • The Institution ensures optimum utilization of its infrastructure and learning resources by making them available for use by Open Universities and Distance learning modes as well as other educational agencies, government departments, community programmes. NGOs and various other agencies for conducting short courses, training programmes, examination, holding meetings, seminars, competition and other activities.
  • The R.M.S.A Mizoram have used the academic facilities of the college for their contact and training programmes. The Institution is serving as a study centre for IGNOU B.Ed and M.Ed courses with a very high enrolment figure.
  • M.A. Education course has also been opened under the IGNOU Programme of studies. Many aspiring teachers and students unable to pursue the regular course are reaping the benefits of distance mode of learning and raising their educational and professional stature through the opportunity thus offered.
  • All the existing and available equipment and facilities are utilized by the user agencies with little or no added expenditure. The faculty staff of the Institute serving as academic counselors are available for consultation, guidance and supervision. The variety and diversity of socially and educationally useful programmes held at the college enhances the worth and value of the Institution.
  • The library has 12409 books including 7653 text books, 4756 reference books, 16 journal besides 18 magazines and periodicals.
  • The Institution is using INFLIBNET SOUL – 2.0 facility. All the documents are installed in SOUL – 2.0 which is used for all purposes offered by SOUL 2.0.